Which U.S. Presidents Owned Slaves?

Zacary Taylor

In 1847 Taylor owned more than 100 slaves.  (Hamilton,p18) 

1847:  “I too have been all my life industrious and frugal, and that the fruits thereof are mainly invested in slaves, of  whom I own three hundred.”  (McKinley,  p208)

1847: “The moment [the abolitionists] go beyond the point where resistance becomes right and proper, let the  South act promptly, boldly and decisively with arms in their hands, if necessary, as the Union in that case will be blown to atoms, or will be no longer worth preserving.”  (McKinley, p270)

 1847:  “So far as slavery is concerned, we of the south must throw ourselves on the constitution and defend our  rights under it to the last, and when arguments will no longer suffice, we will appeal to the sword, if necessary."  (Hamilton,  p45)

Taylor supposedly never sold a slave.  (Hamilton.P31)